Safety Corner

Safety Corner 1-2017: New Year’s Day ride to Buckner’s Restaurant AAR: Many of us braved the cold and elements to participate in this annual ride from Marathon gas station to Buckner’s restaurant. I wanted to provide some safety related feedback that should assist us as we move forward in 2017.

1. Prior to the commencing the ride, we met us a group under the awnings at the Marathon gas station and offered a prayer for our safety and that of others on the highways.

2. We had a safety discussion with all attendees where the conditions, route and speed were discussed. This was done so that everyone knew what was about to take place.

3. We adjusted the speed down to 35 mph due to the conditions. Everyone agreed this speed would be good for the conditions.

4. We also decided that, at certain points in the route, we would change from staggered to single file riding. This was due to the terrain (sharp curves).

5. The adjustment from staggered to single file was signaled by the lead biker (Kerry) and passed back by each biker. This worked well.

This feedback is offered to inform members of what has occurred on the ride but also to remind members of the small adjustments (ride planning, speed, route, weather) that can be evaluated prior to every ride. I hope this feedback is helpful.